A good friend and great person contacted me the other day and regretfully is selling his entire stock-pile of just completed engine short block, turbo kit, Wilson Intake Manifold, Good core 5 speed tranny, etc.  Since we are not selling these, they can't be ordered here, BUT... you may contact Andre directly at
For Sale :
Jam 2.1l 4g63 Shortblock- Stage 1 Package- $4599-
Core is included in the price.
Jam Stage 3 Head with: $1965
Tomei 270 Procams.- $565
Core Charge- $400
Total= $2970
OEM Oil Pump Front Cover KIT.
OEM Jam Spec Modified and Blueprinted  Brandnew Water PUMP.
Pro Efi 128 ECU http://www.proefi.com/Mitsubishi.html
Tom, this ECU is fully equipped with every option. $2875
ID 2000CC Injectors with Plug and Play Harness- $900
Wilson Custom Ported Intake manifold- $800
Full-Race T4 Twinscroll KIt with 2000 degree coating on Manifold, Downpipe and Midpipe.
Dual Tial MVS's-
KIT BOX with all fittings and lines.
This Kit has EVERYTHING but the turbo- $2800

9sec9.com exists for one purpose.  To create and bring to market unique high quality parts that don't exist at any other website.  Make no mistake, inferior copies don't get the job done.  While others continue to copy and play 'keep up', we continue to advance with new ideas and products.  Here's just a couple of the items you'll find in our Products area:

MAF SUPPORT BRACKET:For those who are using the OEM MAF and are tired of seeing the Filter, MAF and Intake Pipe laying on the frame rail, take a look at our Carbon Fiber Bracket.

For those looking for more consistent launches and shifts, check out our CNC'd Clutch Pedal Stop.  Not your average part, by any means.  This stop perfectly adjusts your clutch pedal travel so you don't over extend the clutch pedal and abuse your clutch.


Tony Powell, OKIX, pilots our Wilson Manifolds/Forced Performance Evo IX to record setting 9.53 @ 148.43 and 149.58mph. Multiple easy 9 second passes were made on the new FP BLACK turbo. Watch the video here. These runs were not made at maximum boost, but rather at 5+ less lbs of boost to acquire important test data on the new setup.  Too bad the engine wasn't up to the task, but that's due to change shortly.  At the logged boost levels of the 9.53 run, the car dyno'd 667 whp on a Mustang Dyno.  During those same dyno sessions, in 2009, the car hit boost cut and STILL made in excess of 720whp on a Mustang Dyno.

PERFORMANCE. For some, performance is secondary to making money. With us, performance comes first.  We offer our items, and those of other vendors, with one purpose in mind, to make your car faster, better and more reliable.  We design each and every part with ultimate performance in mind.

If you're the kind that likes to cut corners, we're not the site for you. If, however, you want the finest quality with proven performance, you've found the right place.  We run what we sell. Many parts sold by other vendors are copies of someone else's design. We don't copy anyone.

 We all know who designed the porting for the Wilson W2 (version 2.3) Manifold, Jim Kitasaki (IndyEvo).  Combining Jim's talents and those of the Wilson Manifolds staff, produced one of the first truly innovative manifolds for the Mitsubishi Evo. The Wilson Manifolds name is legendary in drag racing and we are proud to sell their products.  If you're looking for a copy, it's not here.  If you want the best and the original, welcome to our website.

Have an idea for a custom part?  With years of custom parts building on multiple race teams, Jim has the experience and the contacts to make anything a reality.  Engineering has it's place and you've found the place, at 9sec9.com.

Check out our new Hoosier Drag Radial Tires!  Higher MPH, Consistent 60' times.  Proven stability at 147 mph! For the latest performance news, visit our Performance and News Information page. Also, don't forget to visit the Limited Time SPECIALS page.

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